Rodolfo L Garcia Otero

Brief Story

I was born on October 4 1969 in Buenos Aires. In 1989, I started to attend for four years to a Theosophical meditation group directed by my Master Alicia Venere in Buenos Aires. In 2004 I graduated as a Licensed Psychologist at Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, Buenos Aires. Since 2003 I attended many internships and study groups to improve my professional skills. In 2006 I started an 18 month Practical Trainee Program with a big proportion of autistic spectrum population in Pennsylvania, USA. By the end of 2007 I moved to New York to work as a psychotherapist meanwhile taking American psychological methods and techniques trainings. By the end of 2010 I returned to Buenos Aires. Besides my private practice, I was trained in more neuropsychological techniques. At the same time I developed the Theosophical - Scientific Paradigm [TSP]. The following year, 2012, I developed Multilevel Tone Calibration - Symptom and Trauma Management [MTC-STM]; the clinical application of the TSP. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup I designed Neuro Psycho Sport, a Neuropsychological Toolkit for enhancing Sportsmen performance.

Professional Background

011 - Present: Child, adolescent and adult Bilingual Psychotherapist at Private Practice, New York, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2010 - Present: Clinical Manager at Centro ATC Mental Health Services, Bronx, NY, USA
2007 - 2010: Child, adolescent and adult Bilingual Psychotherapist at Metropolitan Center for Mental Health, New York, USA.
2006 - 2007: Practical Trainee Program with children and adolescents with Mental Retardation (autistic spectrum, fetal alcoholic syndrome, Down syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders) at Devereux Kanner Center, Pennsylvania, USA
2005 - Child, adolescent and adult Psychotherapist at Private Practice, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2003 - 2005: Internships at Hospital Psiquiátrico José T. Borda, “Paint Workshop”, Centro Dos children, adolescents and adults, and Hospital Psiquiátrico T. de Alvear, Emergency Department, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2008: Internship: Research Assistant about Childrearing (from a W. Reich perspective) for the USABP journal, New York, USA
2005: Study group from German, British, American and Argentine psychoanalysis about Narcissistic Pathologies and Borderline disorders, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2004 - 2005: Seminars from French psychoanalysis perspective about Obsessive, Hysterical and Phobic Neurosis, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1999 - 2004: Licenced Psychologist, Universidad Argentina John F. Kennedy, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2015: Brain Gym® International, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2015: Optimal Brain Organization® (OBO), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2014: Hipnosis Clínica Reparadora® (HCR) [Clinical Repairing Hypnosis], Buenos Aires, Argentina
2013: OCD Spectrum and BMSA®, upgrade training, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012: Brief Multi-Sensory Activation® (BMSA) and LET GO!, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2011 - 2013: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing® (EMDR), Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008 - 2010: Somatic Experiencing®, Trauma Healing (SE), New York y Connecticut, USA
2006 - 2007: Theraplay® and MIM oriented to children, initial and intermediate levels, Pennsylvania and Illinois, USA

Multicultural Networking

2011 - Fifth National EMDR Conference and Second Advanced Therapies Conference, "Somatic symptoms, treatment and resolution", Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008 - Fifth National USABP Conference, “Getting to the heart or the matter”, Philadelphia, USA.
2007 - Second International Theraplay®, Conference, Chicago, USA
2006 - International Autism and Asperger Syndrome Conference by Tony Attwood, Philadelphia, USA