The multilevel calibration enables the balance of somatic, cognitive, emotional and social Tone simultaneously. While the strategy of most is to address problem by problem, MTC-STM is to globally empower and get many results at the same time. A clear example is shown by the way to address Panic Attack Disorders. In another article referred specifically to this disorder I mention two very effective techniques that act straight on the disorder. But it turns out that this problem generates side effects (muscle issues among others) which are also corrected by MTC-STM. At the same time, the clinic shows that rarely is just about a Panic Attack Disorder solely; but due to the unbearable intensity of its episodes, other symptoms remain unnoticed. I usually say "under a Panic Attack there is another more basic disorder", such as depression, generalized anxiety, attention problems, poor thinking control, low self-esteem, etc.

It also provides more options to manage Traumas

Regarding to Trauma Management, there are many strategies emerging from different concepts of healing. The tendency in the Mental Health field is to handle the affective charge mounted to a traumatic scene. Some techniques desensitizes the charge, some others discharges it, making the scene painless. On MTC-STM’s behalf, is to empower and strengthen the person enabling overwhelming contents to be naturally carried out. Regarding to the traumatic scene there are also many strategies such as repair, analyze, reprocess, release and MTC-STM proposes as an alternative, off-centering it.

I master each of the mentioned strategies, while I developed my own based on an evolutionary philosophy. In concrete, the criterion for choosing one above another is based on the one that encourages the client to the top of his capacity. Meaning that if the scene provides the possibility to grow and evolve, desensitization and discharge would represent misery strategies. But in cases where the scene does not offer a growing chance, desensitization and discharge are not bad options.

Using many tools and proposing my own in the middle of all of them compels me to see the Mental Health scenario as an integrated whole and so clearly define the differences between the rest and my development. This integrating exercise has been extremely enriching and beyond any theory or preference, based on results, I affirm that MTC-STM makes the difference between my service and the others.