Most of today’s clients arrive mental health consultation presenting more than one of the following disorders:

  • Anxiety disorder (Panic Attack, Phobia, Generalized Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Obsessive – Compulsive disorder (OCD) Spectrum
  • Sleeping disorder (insomnia, nightmares, narcolepsy, etc.)
  • Sexual disorder (orgasmic, erection, etc.)
  • Eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
  • Mood disorder (depression, mania, bipolar)
  • Attention deficit disorders (ADD or ADHD)
  • Low Self-Esteem (with or without the need of Anger Management)

In order to overcome this complexity, I developed the following therapeutic strategies:


1 - Multilevel Action

MTC-STM uses simple exercises to simultaneously stimulate the somatic, cognitive and emotional areas. By calibrating the Tone of the activity of each psychological level, these disorders are solved at once. This practice produces a remarkable impact on the social area, making it part of the treatment. MTC-STM also includes resources to enhance the outcome of practices based on Collective Awareness (Yoga, Meditation, Contemplation, etc.)

2 – Action over Autonomic

Many schools use consciousness as a negotiator with the unconscious (autonomic). Neuroscience, and particularly, Sensory Psychology, avoid the conflict that involves crossing consciousness to its most unconscious side. MTC-STM relies on sensory and cognitive stimulation to impact directly on the autonomic. This shortcut produces clinical amazement phenomena (Apex, Nadir and Reflex), due to the absence of consciousness mediation, the experience is unable to be rationalized.

3 – Global Action

Many schools addresses sign by sign, disorder by disorder, as the strategy to reach the cure. MTC-STM focuses on solving all the issues as an integrated whole, leaving the remaining conflicts of the Global intervention to the final stage. This strategy pursuits the biggest relief from the very beginning in order to make the rest of the process less painful, more simple and more effective.

4 – Action over Achievements

The development of insight is as important as the healing process itself. To do this, many schools use the material arising from the resolution of conflicts. MTC-STM, for obtaining positive results since the beginning, does it through the material that arises from the comparison between "recently earned achievements" with "the difficulties that so far were operating". In this way, the affective charge of the insight occurs in a State of relief instead of a suffering one. This strategy enables the optimal registration of the insight.