Professional athletes need a particular stress management. Pressures involved with living from Sport reduces significantly the playful or ludic experience. This pleasure from the game naturally regulates stress. Sport is the environment in which the interconnection between somatic, cognitive and emotional areas is evidently exposed. Steady stress hurts the body, confuses thought and overcharges emotions. Neuro Psycho Sport’s goal is to reach general equilibrium, and so optimize sportsmen’s performance.

Based on remarkable clinical results, Neuro Psycho Sport is a neuropsychological supplement consisting of a set techniques belonging to Sensory Psychology. It is complemented with the interventions of Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Sports Psychologists and Neuropsychology and Cognitive Psychology-based Software. Neuro Psycho Sport can be applied in seconds as a kit of emergency during a sports contest, as an Assistant during workouts, or as a short and medium term treatment.

Integrated techniques by Neuro Psycho Sport

Method practiced and scientifically accepted worldwide, and recognized by the main medical insurance companies of the most advanced countries. Developed by Francine Shapiro Ph.D., California, USA. Casually, during a walk she realized that the more anguish she was going through, the more eye movement she performed. From that moment she started to focus on the “anesthetic” effects of such eye movements. Based on the brain inter hemispheric sensory stimulation she developed in 1989 EMD. Later she discovered that persisting on with this technique a reprocessing mode could be activated, arriving to her final product EMDR.

Included because:
• It produces immediate effects (generally, only some seconds)
• It is highly simple to apply
• It is highly adaptable to many environments or circumstances
• It has outstanding Desensitizing and Programing skills

Developed by Rodolfo Garcia Otero, clinical psychologist, between Buenos Aires and New York, initially inspired on the autistic phenomenon of "Sensory Integration Issues". He was able to detect the kind of stimuli needed to appropriately regulate the nervous systems activity. Based on this observation he has been clinically applying it with remarkable results. Through simple somatic - cognitive exercises, the somatic, cognitive and emotional areas are counseled to balance simultaneously. Following the Sensory Integration path, MTC-STM assimilated from EMDR the bilateral stimulation and from EFT, the usage of the fingertips.

Included because:
• It produces fast effects (generally, one or two days)
• It is highly simple to apply
• It has outstanding Empowering Effects by:
1) Enhancing the autonomic functioning (organs, tissues and glands)
2) Enhancing Self-esteem, Attention, Concentration, Tolerance and Will levels
3) Speeding up rehab process

Emotional Freedom Technique [EFT] is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Created by Gary Craig in order to simplify Thought Field Therapy [TFT] developed by R. Callahan. This Ancestral Medicine principles state that there are circuits that connects somatic organs with emotional ones or Chakras. These Meridian Circuits has specific acupressure points that are stimulated through tapping or pressure. In case that these circuits are blocked, some disorders in one of the two bodies or on both may express.

Included because:
• It produces immediate effects (generally, only some seconds or minutes)
• It is highly simple to apply
• It is highly adaptable to many environments or circumstances
• It has outstanding Desensitizing and Programing skills
Subtle Touch technique developed by Doctor and Professor Pethő Sándor, inspired on hermetic literature and other esoteric arts on one hand, and medicine and neurology on the other. He applied his soft touch principles with Second World War refugees and to support soldiers in danger to get frozen for extreme weather conditions. By softly stimulating feet, he was able to aid autonomic functioning such as breath, heart beating, blood pressure, temperature regulation, etc., and also anxiety and stress levels.

Included because:
• It produces fast effects (generally, some seconds when applied as an emergency tool, or one or two days when applied as a treatment)
• It has outstanding Relaxing and Regulating Effects
• It speeds up rehab process
This technique is practiced in USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Europe, Africa and Oceania. BMSA, Brief (or Bifocal) Multi-Sensory Activation, is a term created by its developers Dr. Joaquin Andrade (Uruguay), Dr. Maarten Aalberse (France) and Dr. Christine Sutherland (Australia). It is based on sensory fundaments of the PINE and Traditional Chinese Medicine. BMSA considers equilibrium and orientation as additional sources to input information into the nervous system beside the 5 senses. The strategy is to flood (confuse) the perceptive system (receptors, thalamus and the amygdale) meanwhile the conflict is evoked. The system gets into a perceptive shock and the conflict frees the morbid affect that it is expressed as a sign.

Included because:
• It produces immediate effects (generally, only a few minutes)
• It is highly simple and joyful to apply
• It is adaptable to many environments or circumstances
• It has outstanding Desensitizing skills
Chromotherapy is based on the specific vibrational frequency of each color and its effects on somatic and emotional bodies. In this way, each color has a concrete effect on the somatic level and at the same time, the emotional level. Colors influence emotional States but also influence somatic performance. An example, green is a color associated with health and hygiene.

Included because:
• It has outstanding Relaxing, Regulating and Stimulation effects
• It speeds up rehab process
Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Some cultures have called it "Natural medicine of God". They are used for more than 5000 years, registering the first "recipes" in the Bible. Oils can be used to encourage health and promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves and roots of plants. They are composed of small organic molecules that can pass through walls and cell membranes providing integral health. Depending on each school of aromatherapy, oils can be spread in the environment through a diffuser, can be applied locally on the affected area and acupressure points, or can be ingested. Within the office only the first option is applied in order to amplify the effects of psychotherapy or interventions with athletes. Rodolfo Garcia Otero uses Young Living products since they guarantee a 100% Therapeutic Grade, certified as food or medicine safe by the FDA.
Included because:
• It produces fast effects (generally, some seconds when applied as an emergency tool)
• It has outstanding Relaxing, Regulating, Detox, Stimulation and Regeneration effects
• It speeds up rehab process


1) Autonomic Calibration:

Meanwhile voluntary activity needs food and exercise to provide Tone to muscles, involuntary or autonomic activity needs sensory awareness to provide Tone to organs, glands and tissues. Through appropriate sensory – cognitive stimulation this application:

a) Solves autonomic dysfunctions (digestive, respiratory, endocrine, etc.)
b) Enhances Attention – Concentration skills
c) Empowers Self-Esteem, Will and Determination

2) Fast Desensitization:

Doing it through sensory means is almost as fast as local anesthesia. This second choice only target somatic pain, meanwhile Sensorial can also reach cognitive and emotional obstacles. This application is useful to decrease somatic pain and to release negative thoughts and emotions in a very brief piece of time. There are two desensitizing ways:

a) Anaesthetize, as almost every sensory technique proposes. This procedure provides focalized alleviation, meaning that a particular target is anesthetized.
b) Empower, as MTC-STM proposes. This procedure provides global alleviation. This option is implemented through the previous item, Autonomic Calibration.

3) Rehab Accelerator:

Is an excellent psychological supplement to fasten the rehabilitation process. This application aids recovery speed by two modalities:

a) Deep relaxation states allow muscles to release from attached somatic, cognitive and emotional stress.
b) Solid sensory and cognitive stimulation provide empowerment

4) Fast Reprogramming:

To program somebody by suggestive means requires a quiet environment and enough time to fall, keep and wake up from trance. By utilizing sensory - cognitive procedures the environment is not so determinant and time reduces to few minutes or less. Avoiding consciousness mediation to interact with the autonomic, more effective and faster outcome are achieved. As not everybody is suggestible but is perceptive, this modality has effect over a wider range of population. This application is excellent to:

a) Release the fixation (uninstall) of negative outcome
b) Avoid the fixation of eventual repeated adverse outcome
c) Fixate to autonomic activity (install) eventual positive outcome
d) Motivate through sensory – cognitive empowerment