OCD spectrum is characterized by recurrent thought whose content is magical or illogical. This thinking tends to be accompanied by actions that obey it, arriving to organize themselves in the form of rituals. Since thought is imposed, stress or anxiety level increases, making their conduct more and more reflexive or compulsive. In other words, the lack of control of thought produces involuntary actions. The person who suffers from OCD observes how a magical thinking tortures him until the action is executed. The person knows that it is irrational but it is imposed being unable to avoid it. The challenge with this population consists of counseling someone who acknowledges that his thinking is irrational and no matter what they are explained, his behavior will remain inevitable. This makes OCD spectrum one of the most therapeutically complicated populations.

Classical schools have a high degree of failure with this spectrum. They are usually combined with psychiatric treatment. The most observed result at the clinic are the typical extensive treatments with periodic increase of psychopharmacological dose.

Neuroscience schools are developing more effective and faster alternatives. Body-Psychotherapies, have the advantage to avoid thinking through somatic access. With the thought, it is useless to fight. Just to be told to not think in an elephant striped like a zebra, so thought to impose that image. Awareness of a somatic sensation allows attention to separate from the thought and to connect with the body. These schools are often combined with practice of relaxation through visualization or sensory stimulation.

Sensory schools have the tool of desensitization. Anesthetizing emotional charge surrounding the magical thinking allows to remove the compulsive character of the behavior. The problem is that does not solve the root problem, and the load is mounted on another magical thinking, as with the classical schools. Sensory anesthesia is therapeutically similar to medication. The method Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro, gets better results; but not enough to consider it as effective with OCD spectrum. Part of this population is delivered to the hypnotic state that produces, allowing greater inter hemispheric integration; but mostly there are still sources of unavoidable or compulsive actions.

From the Tone perspective in which Multilevel Tone Calibration – Symptom and Trauma Management (MTC-STM) bases on, the lack of positive charge makes magical thought to be invested with negative tension (ponder over, guilt, procrastination, masochism, etc.). Through sensory firmness, the thought is dodged, its load is balanced, and the negative charge loses its intensity. By reducing the negative charge the need for a new magical thinking is unnecessary. The magical thought that was always recognized as irrational is freed from the tension that have been leading OCD patient to involuntary or compulsive behavior.