Attention represents the main tension or Tone for cognitive activity and Self-Esteem represents the main emotional Tone. MTC-STM’s clinical experience shows that generally, when Tone is low, is low for every psychological area. Meaning that an anxious person (somatic area), generally also presents with Attention Deficit (cognitive area) and low Self-Esteem (emotional area).

Low Cognitive Tone or Attention Deficit
Attention is the ability to focus (Positive charge of Tone) and Concentration is the ability to keep Attention through time (Negative charge of Tone). Low Cognitive Tone is represented as lack of thought Control. Attention deficit is not just being unable to focus on the outside world, it is also on the inside world. Poor outside attention produces Reality Disconnection and poor inside attention produces Accelerated Thought (see article). MTC-STM’s clinical experience shows that a big population proportion suffers from this issue without perceiving it. This conclusion is made based on patients’ statement: “I used to have a persistent noise in my head, like voices; but now my mind is silent”. Relief made them realized about their previous condition.


Low emotional Tone or Low Self-Esteem
Every emotion has tension or Tone, MTC-STM believes that Self-Esteem is the reference for every emotional Tone. In case of low Self-Esteem, lack of tension needs to be compensated with other emotional Tone. Low Self-Esteem increases immature emotional activity (jealousy, resentment, egocentrism, envy, etc.). As in cognitive level Control is the main Goal, in the emotional level, Trust, is the main one.

Low cognitive and emotional Tone combination
Thought follows the emotional flow. Low Self-Esteem produces thought hyperactivity in order to match it with the emotional Tone. Thought is in charge of providing sense to the emotion. Thought is also in charge of creating a scenario for the specific emotion in question. Low Trust level produces paranoid activity. Paranoid thoughts make the person feel that everything is about himself. As he is very important, his Self-Esteem is “restored”. Low Self-Esteem perceive the environment as a threat producing Anger. The best way to deal with Anger Management is by strengthening Self-Esteem.

Clinical experience suggests that Self-Esteem must be approached from two very different points of view:
• From Tone Calibration to solve autonomic dysfunction
• From Trauma Management for resolving the traumatic infant attachment (mainly with parents). Too negative beliefs of the adult are accepted by the infant as their own, coexisting with inner Disapproval. On the other hand, the indifference is also traumatizing, in this case, coexisting with Despair.


In present times there is a large proportion of the population with low levels of will. Usually they feel guilty for not to carry out what they intend. This adds a sense of overwhelming frustration. This means that lack of will is a tension which being low, is compensated by negative tensions. By the time of developing somatic – cognitive exercises for my own technique, Multilevel Tone Calibration-Symptom and Trauma Management (MTC-STM), my mind was not expecting to influence on Will. In fact, it was an amazing finding to obtain this positive side effect. These exercises were prescribed with the sole purpose of compensating anxiety, mood, sleep, etc. disorders; but patients also reported having enhanced their Will and Initiative.

Nowadays the exercises that I developed are used to strengthen the Will of overweight population by HIpnoslim Plus designed by Claudia Quiroz, LMHC. This technique is based on the Virtual Gastric Band designed by the hypnotherapist Armando Scharovsky. After taking some trainings with him, I had the opportunity to observe his results and compare them with Hipnoslim Plus ones. Surprise! The fundamental difference between them consisted that the implanted ones without my exercises complaint about lack of Will. On the other hand, the ones that practiced (MTC-STM) were able to recover from the typical food behavior slips and the typical stagnation periods or lack of weight changes. While the overweight population tends to stumble and abandon their diets and healthy behaviors at the time of experiencing the minimal disappointment (low frustration tolerance), those treated with Hipnoslim Plus become persevering.

As a fundamental rule, the lack of will makes people feel that every enterprise is lived as a sacrifice. This feeling of excessive effort exhausted them and not letting them to reach the end of their objectives. By increasing the level of Will, the feeling of sacrifice decreases. While the Will is low, the problems are overwhelming and paralyze; on the other hand, when the level of Will is high, the problems become circumstantial situations to solve.