The treatment I offer you addresses the somatic – cognitive – emotional – sentimental areas of the human being. This integral approach allows me to handle different level issues at the same time. As founder of Multilevel Tone Calibration - Symptom and Trauma Management [MTC-STM], I was able to find easy and effective solutions to signs and disorders. By taking trainings and clinical experience I acquired many strategies to manage symptoms and traumas too.

The treatment I offer you considers three types of clinical intervention:

1 Autonomic functioning: the goal in this area is to get an optimal autonomic functioning. Succeeded this goal, somatic, cognitive and emotional activities become healthy.

2 Cognitive deployment: the goals in this area are to clear thought process, to equilibrate thought activity and to adjust thought to the autonomic enhancement (provided by the initial stage of the treatment). A clear thought processing allows improving decision making. An equilibrated thought activity allows more options for the decision making. An adjusted thought to the autonomic enhancement allows improving courage for decision making.

3 Symptom and Trauma Management: the goal is to apply the best strategy for the situation. There are many kinds of traumas, and the market offers many tools to address them. Many of the traumas are addressable by handling the affective charge and the traumatic scene. But guided by the Theosophical perspective, I found out that some traumas are karmic. This means that they have no cure. The purpose of these kinds of traumas is to gain knowledge. In order to get the best lesson from them, I developed the Off-centering tool. Regarding to the traumas that can be cured, I have developed a Calibrating tool that strengthen client to face traumas. Both are included in MTC-STM.

To do so, I propose two working areas:

1- Inside the office

a) I collect the needed information to diagnose and develop a Treatment Plan.
b) I prescribe easy sensory – cognitive exercises to fix signs and disorders
c) I address traumas related to present suffering
d) I perform progress evaluation at the beginning of each session
e) I provide psycho - educational support because sudden changes transform your reality. It is necessary for you to know that the evolving path you are experiencing provokes consequences on your daily life. Your social skills will change, you will change the way to deal with pleasure, leaving bad habits. You will dare to project a new life and you will have the resources to achieve them through effort
f) Once Treatment Plan’s goals are achieved treatment is considered finished

2- Outside the office

Weekly exercises: sensory based stimulation exercises are utilized. From the senses, besides accessing the nervous system, the cognitive system can be activated, and from this one the emotional level can be accessed too. This allows the utilization of simple sensory - cognitive exercises adapted to the needs of each client. Specific sensory stimulation, with a specific thought to be repeated at least 4 consecutive days for around 5 minutes each. You must be alert to the changes that your are experiencing in order to let me make the convenient adjustments to the exercises.