From psychopathology, accelerated thought is called Tachypsychia. Originally was related to the obsessive structure. In the clinic today, it is shown in very high proportion of the population. It is experienced as an inner voice that insists on turning on specific and fixed issues. Those who suffer from low self-esteem, have thoughts that degrade them, blaming themselves for being little lovable. Those who suffer from insecurity have constant thoughts of alert, stopping them in their actions for rethinking too much. They live divided in two, one that blames or alert, and the other which lowers their head giving the reason to those thoughts or proposing themselves to beat them in the next round. In their everyday life they show themselves keeping soliloquy ("dialogue" with themselves, with slight movements of the lips and/or with their eyes lost concentrated in an inner scene). Through this activity they rehearse how they will respond the next time they face with the episode that disturbed them.

In my private practice had cases in which patients told me: "I hear voices, they talk all the time". Hearing voices, psychiatrically is linked with psychosis (madness). In order to differentiate diagnosis of the patient, it was necessary to find out if the heard voices came from the outside or the inside. Luckily, most of the times came from the Interior, leaving aside the possibility of having a psychiatric patient in front of me. Not being crazy doesn't imply suffering less; it implies that stopping the cognitive flow, the person stabilizes more easily. After treating them with my technique Multilevel Tone Calibration-Symptom and Trauma Management (MTC-STM), patients told me: "I don't listen to nothing now, all is silence; It is really weird" or "I don't know if it's good or not, but now I don’t reproach myself, I'm calmed" or "How do I fill this silence?". The relief was so sudden and easy, that they were lost during the first few weeks. My answer to them was: "just as you get used to the bad, you now get used to sanity; it is as easy as that". Everything is a matter of habit; when someone suffers from accelerated thought, gets used to it and takes it as something natural. Naturalizing a disease is the worst enemy of Mental Health.