Besides mastering classical practice, I also have proficiency in Neuropsychological perspectives. As a result of this proficiency, I became the Clinical Manager at Centro ATC Mental Health Services (, located in Bronx, NY, since 2010. My dedication, creativity and knowledge allowed me to develop Multilevel Tone Calibration – Symptom and Trauma Management (MTC-STM) (, an empowering neuropsychological tool with more options to handle traumas. It is so effective and fast that Centro ATC also (initially was included as part of the regular clinical practice) adopted my technique to empower their Weight Loss Program, Hipnoslim Plus ( – Spanish only –). On my behalf, I designed Neuro Psycho Sport, a Neuropsychological Toolkit for enhancing Sportsmen performance.

Both products take advantage of the benefits of the MTC block; but STM has also transcended to the clinic. Stating that some traumas can be considered Karma, I attracted the attention of Dr. Nancy Eichhorn, editor of Somatic Psychotherapy Today. Professional Exchange brought her invitation to write in her journal internationally recognized for the contribution to the research of Body Psychotherapy perspectives. So I feel proud and honored to have published in it "Sensory Eating Disorders”

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The following are the main reasons for being at the top of the most advanced clinical tools

  1. Highly Fast and Effective for being a Sensory Psychology based technique
  2. Enhances Attention, Self-Esteem and Will for basing on firm sensory stimulation
  3. Very easy to use for being executed through very easy exercises
  4. Highly adjustable to clients as much as to other methods and techniques for being executed in between sessions
  5. Simplifies clinical practice for stablishing just one main reason for psychological disorders
  6. Desensitizes by empowerment other than by anesthetizing, obtaining a global enhancement instead of focal alleviation
  7. Contributes with new tools for Symptom and Trauma Management
  8. Incorporates the concept of Karma to relate it with some kinds of Trauma for basing on the Theosophical – Scientific Paradigm (TSP)
  9. Stimulates client’s independence by providing them the needed resources to voluntary or automatically self-recalibrate
  10. Allow clients to reduce or quit psychotropic medication, over 80% of the clients did so after discussing it with their psychiatrist