The advancement of Neuroscience has been allowing to develop highly useful tools for the psychological clinic. Taking the Nervous System as the reference and combining it with Cognitive Psychology it is possible to unlock lateralized information. Certain contents that are in just one cerebral hemisphere, affecting the behavior and the way to process internal and external reality. Balancing the information in both hemispheres, the person stabilizes is in his thinking and acting. Combined with Sensory Psychology it is possible to desensitize affective charge produced by somatic, cognitive and/or emotional pain. This desensitization can handle traumatic events with low level of pain. Being anesthetized and hypnotized, the patient is able to reach the origin of the traumatic memory and reprocess it in a single session. It is also possible to strengthen the activity of the somatic, emotional, and cognitive areas improving Autonomic Activity, Attention and Self-Esteem. In this way, organs and glands work better, thought acquires more clarity and control, and Will and Self-Esteem are empowered.

These results are possible within a few sessions with just following the above described strategies. Neuroscience allows more strategies and thereby more results at greater speed and effectiveness. Such are the results that produce clinical astonishment phenomena. This astonishment leads to the disbelief of what had happened making patient to attribute his improvement to other factors. One of the techniques that produces more astonishment produce is the Sweeping Technique that belongs to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) developed by Dr. Francine Shapiro. It reduces or suppresses the somatic, cognitive and/or emotional pain in seconds or minutes through directed eye movement. Furthermore, Multilevel Tone Calibration - Symptom and Trauma Management (MTC-STM), developed by Rodolfo Garcia Otero, psychologist, produces clinical astonishment phenomena for the sudden:

  1. Stabilization of somatic dysfunction
  2. Thought control enhancement
  3. Sleep quality enhancement
  4. Will empowerment